How to Check If You Have a robots.txt File and How to Create One?

The robots.txt generator is an online tool that you can specifically use to generate a robots.txt file. Nowadays, this text file has become a crucial part of any website for it acts like a lock that will indicate to web crawlers which parts of a website they can and cannot visit. So if you are a website owner, you must know its importance and how to use it.

Knowing If You Have a robots.txt file

First things first, you must know if you even have the robots.txt file in the first place before trying to create one. You may just waste your own time and effort in trying to create a robots.txt file when you already have it incorporated in your website.

To know if you have a robots.txt file in your website, just type your root domain and then attach “/robots.txt” at the end of this root domain. This will allow you to know if you indeed have the robots.txt file. So for example, if your website’s root domain is “” then to know if you have a arobots.txt file in it, type “” instead. If there is a text file that is shown on screen after entering this, you have a robots.txt file. However, if not text file appears, then it means that you currently do not have a robots.txt file in your website.

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Creating a Robots.txt File

Creating a robots.txt file can be easy once you know how to do one. You can actually look for online tutorials on how to create robots.txt file and then learning them in order to produce the kind of robots.txt file that you want. After the robots.txt file creation process, you can then verify if your robots.txt file has been set up correctly using a verifier tool. There are some of these available on the web.

However, creating a robots.txt will indeed require you to learn the process of doing it. Not to mention that you still need to verify it after its creation. If you do not have sufficient time to do is perhaps because there are a lot more important things that you should accomplish, then do not be sad because there is a great alternative. That is, to use the robots.txt generator.

The robots.txt generator is a special tool which can allow you to automatically create a robots.txt file for instant use in your website. So no need to learn anymore the basics and complex things about creating and maintaining a robots.txt file because the generator will do such things for you. To access the tool, just click on the link and you will instantly be taken into the page where such tool is being catered.