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Good Morning Love Quotes And Sayings

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your soul to receive this beautiful day … all the blessings of God … faith … hope and positivity all make your life a path of peace … harmony … and happiness. always

“The smile is the joining of two realities: the peace of mind and a clear conscience.”

Whatever we lack faith in the great overruns … that emotions can always be joy … that our heart is at peace and in communion with what aims our soul … and always have this immense gratitude for the magnificently beautiful love of God for us! ❞

A blessed day … victories accomplishments and learnings … … beautiful joy that made happier our hearts … that is peace … serenity and harmony our rest … Gratitude to our Father for the blessings and his divine love!

You are my most beautiful flower, my favorite color

Life is not made of unfulfilled dreams, but realities that transform in dreams.

Your swollen lips wishes smiled sensually, and your piercing eyes full of joy clapped …

however, that the charm of a life well lived when mourning in your door knock. do not stay stuck in a corner; if you have a life full, gay and victorious – to enjoy, persevere, live!

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I am not a man abandoned by hope, because I believe that crying dark lead the joy of a new day …

The creative acts that cause the finest are the sums of the joys and sorrows that have lived their authors as they passed between heaven and hell …

True friends will always be those which gladden our hearts

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Smiles are equal
when good thoughts
trickle down his cheeks

The best times are to be recorded, and will remain in our lives and in our memories. Photography is the art that does that, and still makes the heart of people smile.

In the biggest disappointments also found the greatest joys: new and good friends and true love.

The smile, a simple act, which is able to brighten the most bitter days.

No pain ever was, is or will be larger than a single second of pleasure to be heretic love every moment of anything and everything; and, for one infinitesimal life, I would die happily infinite times.

He is at the door of your heart. Softly is now calling you. Want to hear at that moment his voice and let Him in. Who does not have Jesus in my life will not have peace. The joy of this world is only. now seek the joy that satisfies you. Take the sorrow of his heart.

Instead of worrying about the reasons for his sadness, intensify your awareness to create reasons his joy.

After long time, that
will reappear and then return
to perform the same actions …. This is normal.

Of all joys of my world, the greatest is to be your son.

Today has that urge to dance a blues! BB King started playing in that dark room there got up and started dancing, came with dark shame and it was there that lit the light for the blues and soul of the feet.

Your happiness is what you make. Wherever I want to be, but mainly this place brings you peace and not only joy. Be guided by his calm, trust your soul and let God in charge. Surely you will feel in paradise even if it is not there.

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