About bluetooth headphones

Using best Bluetooth headphones while watching TV saves you from cacophony and noise when there are several people in the room. Instead of destroying the columns and quarreling behind the place, the headphones are simply put on the TV. This is where the headphones with a long wire for the TV will come in handy. In headphones with a short wire, you have to stick your nose into the TV. And it hardly helps to enjoy the film and appreciate the sound.

Another question is the quality of the sound. Full-sized headphones with good sensitivity dramatically change the perception of the film or series. At home, a beautiful sound is often lost. This is especially important when watching videos in high definition.

best bluetooth headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Headphones with a long wire for TV, which are used on radio stations and recording studios. Are not enough, ideally suitable for home use. When connected to portable devices, headphones have a little lack of sensitivity. To achieve the best sound, the device needs to be warmed up.

The headphones are very tight landing, they do not fall down completely, at least play football. After 8 hours of listening, there are no unpleasant feelings. Headphones fit closely to the ears, but sit very easily, do not crush, do not rub. Velor ear pads are softer and more pleasant than leather, in the summer they do not sweat in the ear.

The assembly is solid, high-quality materials: nothing creaks anywhere and does not fall off. Even after a few years of use, the headphones do not get shabby. The only thing to be afraid of is the embrasure that was torn in several years. Especially it concerns lovers wearing headphones around their necks.

The sound of the best Bluetooth headphones for TV is delicious. They reproduce not just a deep, but a lively, juicy bass no worse than a subwoofer. The scene is very wide, the sound is voluminous, the effect of presence is created. The headphones are intended only for listening to a quality soundtrack, because they transmit absolutely all the details. Disadvantages of the track will be very noticeable.


  • luxurious sound at all frequencies;
  • balanced bass;
  • comfortable landing;
  • strong long wire.


  • no possibility to disconnect the cable.

Sennheiser HD 215 II

The headphones with a long wire for the HD 215 II work well with all frequencies, provide excellent sound insulation, but require a powerful sound source. The model is often bought by DJs, they are considered “workers”. Incredibly deep and well-traced basses are not there, but there is a quality sound reproduction in general.

The model is not heavy, although it looks large. The design is pliable, adapts to the user. The planting is dense, it does not collapse from the head and does not press. The ear pads completely cover the ears, thus providing comfort in use and isolation from noise. The wire at the headphones is removable, there is a carrying case.

Fans of the deepest bass can not use headphones. They are designed for high-quality sound transmission and ensure pleasant and comfortable use. The model suppresses noise, does not allow distortion of sound, reproduces medium and high frequencies well.


  • beautiful soundproofing;
  • clean, detailed sound;
  • good landing;
  • long twisted cord.


  • lack of bass;
  • thin skin on the ear pads;
  • large dimensions.

Philips SHP2000

Good quality budget headphones with great potential. Despite the low price, the model is exploited for several years without any breakdowns. For walks on the street do not fit – the sound “lost”, but for home use – excellent.

Ear pads have fabric ear muffs, very soft. The design is strong, but light, with a strong coarse wire. On the head they sit comfortably, they do not press anywhere. The model is suitable for many hours of use, does not tire at all.

Headphones perfectly reproduce medium and high frequencies. The basses are correct, enveloping, powerful. The model creates a feeling of surround sound. No noise appears. In use with smartphones or conventional players, the sound seems quiet, but with high-quality equipment, best Bluetooth headphones are changing.


  • price;
  • worthy sounding;
  • good landing;
  • ease.


  • require a powerful source of sound;
  • lack of volume control;
  • plastic body.